Shri. N. Biren Singh

Hon'ble Chief Minister, Manipur

Who's who

Sl. No Photo Name Designation/Post Email Contact No.
1 photo Charchit Gaur Commissioner charchitgaur18@gmail.com
2 photo SMT THARI SITKIL Additional Commissioner thari.sitkil@nic.in
3 photo SHRI PANGAMBAM PREMJIT KHUMAN Joint Commissioner-I leepunkhuman@gmail.com
4 photo SHRI RAMNGNING ZIMIK Joint Commissioner-II zimik.donal@gmail.com
5 photo SMT LALTHAZAM Deputy Commissioner alfredkhaute@gmail.com
6 photo SHRI YUMNAM INDRAKUMAR SINGH Assistant Commissioner-I y.indrakumar@gov.in
7 photo SHRI NAMEIRAKPAM DENISH SINGH Assistant Commissioner-II denishnameirakpak@gmail.com
8 photo SHRI TH SANGLOU MARAM Assistant Commissioner-III sangloumaram1961@gmail.com
9 photo SMT. P. SONIKA Superintendent of Taxes sonika.pukhrabam@gmail.com
10 photo SHRI T. CHINGTHANGKHOMBA Superintendent of Taxes toijamching@gmail.com
11 photo SHRI E. KAMAL SINGH Superintendent of Taxes singhekamal2015@gmail.com
12 photo SHRI PH. AGANG KABUI Superintendent of Taxes agangph@gmail.com
13 photo SHRI BROJENDRO SINGH Superintendent of Taxes thbrojendrasingh@gmail.com
14 photo SHRI GOVIN SINGH Superintendent of Taxes gobinsingh@gmail.com
15 photo SHRI MD. WAHIJUDDIN SHAH Superintendent of Taxes wahijshah@gmail.com
16 photo SMT. PANAMLA AWUNGSHI Superintendent of Taxes panammrs@gmail.com
17 photo SHRI DEEPAK KUMAR SINGH Superintendent of Taxes mdeepakumar1970@gmail.com
18 photo SMT. T. NINGZANEM Superintendent of Taxes
19 photo SMT. THANGKHOMAN Finance Officer